If blogs could talk, you'd never shut this one up.
If blogs could talk, you'd never shut this one up.

Are You Being Productive Or You’re Just Busy?

“Hello, please call me back. I am very busy right now”. ” I won’t be available for the main time, I’m really busy with some things”. “Let’s do this some other time, I’m occupied with some things at the moment”. All of us have heard either one or all these statement at one point in time. What comes to your mind whenever anyone keeps telling you that they are busy? You think they are really being productive and doing something tangible for themselves. Sorry, I had to burst your bubbles, being busy is totally different from being productive.

Someone who keeps playing video games from dawn till dusk will tell you he’s busy. Someone who sits in front of the TV for 24hrs will tell you he’s busy. Friends who sit and gossip for hours will say they are busy. Are they productive? No! They are not.

The main aim is to be productive not just being busy. Are you making progress with your life? Are you achieving your goals? Are you working towards your dream? Fine, you might be working so hard that you hardly have time for the people around you but are you productive? If you’re not productive, I’m sorry to tell you that you’re just wasting your time and effort.

Today’s not to late to check out your lifestyle and discover is you’re just busy and unproductive. Sit, think and strategize your time. Do what will make you sit comfortably in the future and smile because you didn’t waste your youthful age being busy with things that adds no value to your life. Get up now, sit upright and relax your nerves. Think about what you’re getting engaged in at this moment of your life and discover if you’re just busy or you’re productive.

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