If blogs could talk, you'd never shut this one up.
If blogs could talk, you'd never shut this one up.


Are you trying to make money so you can oppress the people around you? Are you trying to make money so you can also spend and flaunt the way a friend does? Are you trying to make money so you can chase closely behind your acquaintances or run ahead of them in the wealth race? If the main reason you are working hard is to compete with others, then you’ve missed it.

Always choose comfortability over competition. When you are “chasing the bag” because of comfortability, you’ll have peace of mind. The moment you start competing, peace of mind flies out of your life. Everyday of your life, you’ll be thinking about how to buy a car that’s more expensive than that of your friends, build houses that’ll supersede that of your friends’.

I was discussing with a friend some weeks ago and I asked him what’s his main aim for working his ass out almost everyday. He said “I just want to comfortable. I want to have like two houses, two cars, take care of my parents and siblings, make my wife comfortable, give her everything she needs, pay my children bills even before they mention it, be able to contribute financially whenever any thing arises, and have enough investment that will benefit my children even when I’m dead”. Woah!

A week after that, I asked another person the same question and his response? He said “I want to make money so I can bullshit anyone that crosses my path. If you buy a Venza, I will show you I can afford a Ferrari. If you buy a house in lekki, I will show you I can buy a house in banana island. I can’t allow anyone to oppress me with their money, I’ll rather compete with them”. Hmmm!

From those two discussions, I already know the one who won’t sleep well at night when they eventually become rich as they wish to be. From the second guy’s opinion I know that when he becomes a rich man, hatred and envy will always reside in him because he’ll never acknowledge another person’s achievement or success, he’ll see it as a threat. You might see this from another angle but this is my own opinion.

Are you working hard now so you can make money and compete with other rich people or you want to make money so you can be comfortable.

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