If blogs could talk, you'd never shut this one up.
If blogs could talk, you'd never shut this one up.


A state of someone who lacks financial resources or material possessions for a minimum standard of living is known as poverty. As long as a man can’t satisfy his most basic needs, he’s said to be poor. This could be as a result of having low income that could not meet the primary needs. Now the question goes thus, is living in poverty a choice or fate ?

We’ve seen several families or people around us who have no decent roof over their heads or have enough healthy foods to eat. They can’t even afford good medical treatment whenever they fall sick. Are they not hardworking enough or fate isn’t smiling at them?

Some state of poverty are self-induced. If you’re not ready to get your ass up and do something tangible for yourself, you’re already writing an invitation letter to poverty. Some categories of people are actually lucky, they don’t have to work or undergo stress before they can afford these primary and secondary needs. The case is different for a whole lot of people.

Now back to the question. Can we say being poor is as a result of your choice or fate isn’t benevolent enough? In my opinion, I think poverty is a choice. You might be born without a silver spoon but you’ve been given the free will to choose whether you want to acquire a golden spoon or a wooden spoon for yourself. Coming from a humble background is not an excuse for your current state. Are you doing anything to change your position or you think fate will do its work?

What’s your opinion about this? Is being poor a personal choice or a natural occurrence of fate. I’d love to hear from you in the comment section.

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