If blogs could talk, you'd never shut this one up.
If blogs could talk, you'd never shut this one up.

“School Na Scam” – A popular Slang among African Youths.

“School na scam” is a very popular pidgin english slang in Nigeria. If as a Nigerian, you do not hear this statement at least once in two weeks, it means you’re not living in Nigeria. Lol. This slang means “Education is no longer important”. Most youths nowadays see going to school and earning a certificate as a waste of time. You can’t blame them, they are speaking based on their experiences.

Gone are the days when being a university graduate is all you needed to succeed in life. As a graduate, you have a job waiting for you already but these days, reverse is the case. Even with a PhD, a good job isn’t guaranteed. There was a news I saw some days ago about how over a hundred degree holders and three PhD holders applied for the job of sweepers. Do not be surprised, this is the harsh reality.

Good jobs nowadays are no longer given out based on merit but based on connections. Who you know and what you can sacrifice in order to get the job. Law graduates are now Instagram vendors selling hair extensions and tee shirts. Medecine graduates are now teaching Agriculture in secondary schools. Potential accountants are now selling Ube and corn by the roadside. Engineering graduates are now class teachers in primary schools. Isn’t this enough to say “school na scam?”

One of the things that clearly shows that this slang is not a baseless one is that most of our political leaders are not educated or they have half education. Only few are fully educated. I know a state university here in Nigeria whose Vice Chancellor is someone who has never passed through the four walls of a school.

Isn’t it obvious that your education is useless without a skill. Even the federal government advised graduates to learn some skills because job isn’t guaranteed. Well, this won’t erase the fact that some people actually made it to the top because of their certificate but they are just 3 on a scale of 10.

In your opinion, do you think school na scam or you still believe it’s good to get some education in order to be successful?

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