If blogs could talk, you'd never shut this one up.
If blogs could talk, you'd never shut this one up.

Wearing Waist Beads Is Not A Sign Of Irresponsibility.

Waist beads are traditional body accessories that consist of small glass beads, decorative stones, crystals or cowries on a string and this is worn around the waist or the hips. Waist beads isn’t a new fashion statement. It has been worn for several centuries by Africans and Asians most especially Indians.

Recently, it has gained popularity than ever before among women from all over the world including black American women. What baffles me most is how people think wearing waist beads is a sign of irresponsibility or sign of being diabolic. These assumptions are really surprising and very baseless. Ladies wear beads for a number of reasons I’m going to be talking about in this article.

Most ladies wear it for fashion. Beads are fashionable! Their beauty, sleekness and they way they jingle. They are beautiful to behold so I wonder why anyone will have a problem with them. Ladies wear it to feel beautiful and attractive.

Wearing of waist beads can also be used as a weight gain determinant. Some women wear it around their waist to detect if they are gaining weight or losing weight. Waist beads don’t stretch out, so when it tightens, it’s a sign of weight gain. When it loosens, it’s a sign of weight loss.

Culturally, waist beads are used to determine maturity. In some cultures, when a women sees her period for the first time, she wears a waist beads as a ceremonial right of passage into womanhood. In some other cultures too, parents put waist beads on the waist of newborn babies.

Waist beads are being used as a way to control your posture.

It forces you to sit upright or else the string will cut and make your beads scatter all over the place. It helps you control your bad sitting posture. Conclusively, waist beads is not a sign of irresponsibility or sign of being diabolic. It’s fashion. It’s culture. It’s beautiful and it’s also natural. Every single African tribe has waist beads as part of its cultural adornment so why is it that recently its receiving negative reviews from men and non users of waist beads?

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